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Best Wishes for Krishna Janmashtami to All from HealthPotli

Your Brain Interprets Prolonged Loneliness As Physical Pain.

Here Are Five Ways you Can Tighten Loose Skin.

An Egg White Mask will Firm the Skin and Replenish Your Pores.

Turmeric is Very Effective in Dealing With All Heart Diseases.

Apple Cider Vinegar is Nature’s Mild Anti-Fungal.

Adrenaline Also Makes the Blood Vessels Dilate in Order to Improve Blood Circulation.

Chlorine Causes Oxidative Damage Which Causes Skin to Age Faster.

Black Pepper Stimulates Hydrochloric Acid Secretion in the Stomach, Thereby Improving Digestion.

These are Rick in Anti-Oxidants which Boosts our Immunity.

Many Fetuses will Kick Back at A Spot on A Pregnant Woman's Abdomen When it Is Pressed and Become More Active in Response to Loud Rock Music.

Your Core Muscles are the Most Important Muscle Group in Your Body.

Focus on Nourishing Your Body from the Inside Out for Healthy Skin.

If you Wear High Heels Daily, Consider the Damage They’re Inflicting on Your Feet, Knees, and Back.

A Good Workout Followed By A Shower Energizes You for the Day.

The Cornea Gets Its Oxygen Directly from Air.

Here Are Some Tips to Help Maintain Eye Health.

Products on Your Hair and Scalp can Also Affect Your Skin.

When You Cough, you Increase Pressure in the Chest and Spinal Canal, Inhibiting Pain Signals From Going Up the Spinal Cord.

While You Put on Your Moisturizer, Look for Any Striking, Dark or Changing Spots or Moles.