Health Bits

Always Read the Ingredients List Before Picking up A Product for Your Skin.

30 Minutes of Exercise Daily can Reduce Your Nicotine Craving.

This is Particularly Useful when Your Kid Contracts Chicken Pox.

Last But not the Least, it is Very Important for You to Stay Hydrated.

This Can Save you From the Damage of Holi Colours, Be it Organic or Chemical.

A Good Oil Massage for the Hair will Nourish Your Tresses.

May This Holi Add More Colours to Your Life.

Non-Organic Colors May Be Filled with Chemicals, Oxides, Metal or Textile Dyes, Which may Cause Severe Skin and Eye Complications.

You Can Get Iodine in Foods Such As Eggs, Fish Oils, Onions, Iodized Salt, and Pineapple.

Bananas Contain Potassium that Maintains Alertness of the Human Brain.

If all Arteries, Veins, and Capillaries of the Human Circulatory System Were Laid End to End, The Total Length Would be Almost 100,000 km.

Learn How to Choose Between the Different Types of Running Shoes.

Barley Tea is Rich in Anti-Oxidants and Drinking it Can Improve Blood Circulation.

Have A Lot of Dairy Products, Almonds and Leafy Greens.

You Should Also Avoid Caffeine, Smoke, Alcohol, and Large, Fatty Meals.

This Extra Rib is Called A Cervical Rib.

Here’s A Guide to Recognizing Asthma Symptoms.

These Shampoos Do Not Contain Harsh Chemicals Which are Great for Chemically Treated Hair.

It’s Important to Think About What You’re Eating and to Restrict your Intake of Processed Food.

A Saline Nasal Spray Helps with Nasal Congestion and Fights Allergies.