Health Bits

Here are Easy Eays to Take Care of Sensitive Skin

Sleeping on Satin or Silk Pillowcases Keeps your Hair in Better Shape.

Coconut Oil Boasts both Antibacterial and Whitening Properties while Being Free From the Chemicals

High Salt Consumption is One of the Major Risk Factor for Heart Diseases in Middle-Aged Men and Women.

The Brains and Bodies of Lefties may Operate Differently than Those of Right-Handed People.

There are Certain Best Foods to Eat Before Working Out that Will help Our Bodies Prepare.

Moisturizing will help Cleanse your Skin and Prevent the Occurrence of Pimples.

Beets are High in Fiber that Helps keep Waste Materials moving Through the Intestines At A Healthy Pace.

Due to its Alkaline Nature, Potatoes can Help to Balance the pH Level of Body While the low-Acidic Compound Can be A Cure for Excessive Sweating.

Ever Wondered how Many Bacteria are in the Mouth? Or How Fast they Multiply?

From the Ayurvedic Point of View, Hair Growth is Linked to your Physical and Mental Health.

Baking Soda is A Very Effective Tooth Polish and It will Get into the Hard to Reach Parts of the Teeth.

This Mixture Taken at Least Thrice A Day Relieves Dry Coughing.

A Teaspoon of this Mixture Taken Once Every Three Hours will Treat Excessive Coughing.

Stress or Medical Conditions can Affect this Normal Condition.

The Skin Care and Beauty Secrets from the Ayurveda Remains to be Undisputed Even Till Now.

The Chill Effect of the Tea Bags will Reduce the Swelling and the Theine (Caffeine) in the Tea Will Tighten Your Skin.

This Oil is Also A Rich Source of Both Vitamin D and Vitamin A.

Dates are Rich in Protein so Helps in Losing Weight.

The Heart Pumps About 10000 Times A Day to Pump this Blood.