Health Potli is a lead aggregator which uses mobile and internet technology to provide medicines and pathology services at your doorstep. We do so by connecting you with licensed pharmacies and registered collection agents of pathological labs.

No, Health Potli is not a pharmacy. It is a lead aggregator which uses mobile and internet technology to connect the user with licenced pharmacies.

While it is our endeavor to serve you in the quickest possible time, kindly do NOT use HealthPotli in emergency situations.

Government of India has classified medicines in two categories namely, presciption and non-prescription. As per law it is mandatory to have a valid prescription for buying the medicines prescribed by the doctor. We respect these laws as they are made for benefit of individuals. Taking prescription medicines without consultation of a registered medical practitioner may cause adverse and irreversible damage to your health.

An ideal prescription comprises of the following: -Medical Prectioner's Name, phone number, Qualification and the degree -Registration Number of the medical prectioner and name of the Registering Authority -Patient's Name, Age and Gender -Medicine Name, strength and Dosage -Validity of the prescription -Doctor's Signature and Date.

Only a Registered Medical Practitioner (R.M.P.) who is registered with the respective State Medical/Dental/Veterinary Council is authorized to prescribe allopathic medicines. An Ayurvedic doctor, a Homeopathic doctor, a Unani doctor, a Naturopath, etc. are NOT authorized to prescribe / recommend allopathic medicines.

A prescription gets expired once all the medicines prescribed on it has been dispensed as per the quantity prescribed.

Yes, you are requested to produce the original prescription at the time of delivery. It is mandatory to note on the prescription the name, address of the seller and the date of dispensation of the medicine.

Not at all time you want to buy all the medicines given in the prescription. Our registered pharmcists go through your prescription and prepare an e-prescribption for you to decide the quantity as per your requirement. We only allow you to decrease but not increase the quantity, as the same is not legal. Further you can also opt for Generic (substitute) of the medicine prescribed to you.

Yes, but we highly recommend you to consult your physician before selecting one of our provided generic equivalent.

No, only after checking the validity of the prescription and the availability of medicine; your order will be confirmed.

We do not allow return or cancellation once the medicine is dispensed to you. Please refer to our Cancellation & Return Policy for details.

We make several checks before associating with a pharmacy that ensures all legal compliances and are reputed & experienced in their domain. The medicine bill will contain the batch no. and expiry date which enables you to track the source of a particular medicine.

We have a team of Registered Pharmacists who have researched through various websites, books and literatures to prepare a drug dictionary and a medicine database. While we take utmost care to provide you with correct information, but we advise you to take a Registered Medical Practitioner's opinion.

Monday-Saturday 10:00 am to 8:00 pm.

In order to ensure that expired / counterfeit medicne is not delivered to the user, the medicines will not be delivered in cut strips/loose . The minimum quantity of medicine to be delivered to the user will be equal to the number of medicines contained in 1 strip/ 1 pack of that medicine irrespective of the quantity mentioned in the prescription.

The invoice for all the medicines / product bought on Health Potli's platform is issued by our channel licenced pharmacy.

Medicine prices change based on geography and governement taxes. Manufacturers also change their prices frequently on each batch. We are trying really hard to integrate ourselves closely with the pharmacies but there is still some time before we can be accurate and we regret for the inconvenience so caused.

Medicine name, manufacturer, packing, salt, power, recommended dosage, usage, side effect etc.

As per the law , it is illegal to dispense prescription medicines without a valid prescription. The law mandates this to prevent self-medication as the consequences of it can be dangerous for the consumer. We highly recommend that the user should NEVER buy prescription medicines from a pharmacy which compromises with the law as the pharmacy may be dealing in counterfeit/fake/expired medicines.

The user can track the status, edit or cancel his order for medicines/products in "My Order" section.