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Diabetes - The Invisible Criminal

It was a big day for Rahul Shrivastav, a 29 year old young chap, as he got promoted working in his US based IT company. It happened the same week when he celebrated his 6th marriage anniversary. The same month Priya - their daughter had also turned 3. It was a long awaited and a much deserved promotion that he had gotten. Since his campus selection he had never looked back. Doing long night shifts to support his US based clients; he often skipped breakfast and dinner. He usually took late lunch to keep away lazy day habits after heavy meals. Given his dedication, his boss was very happy to promote him. After all, he had done very well for the company.

Like all MNCs’ general rule, he had to get a yearly basic health check-up done. Having skipped it for the past two years, he chalked out time to take the routine tests this time. One fine morning he went to give blood sample and later went for a day picnic with his family. He was unaware of what was about to hit him the next day.

Next noon he skipped lunch as he had to reach to the office early. Casually, he opened his inbox and went through all necessary emails before opening the Lab test report email he got that morning. As he read the results, an agony hit him. His raised sugar levels were quite disturbing. He had become diabetic. Prevention is better than cure. But for Rahul, its too late now.

So, what went wrong with Rahul? Surprisingly all that worked for his MNC didn’t worked for him.

Un-Godly hours: Men are supposed to rise and sleep with sun light. It has been happening since millions of years of our evolution, our hormones have evolved to control / support our natural patterns. With recent invention of electricity and modern gadgets we used these facilities to disturb our natural habits. Rahul had been keeping night shifts with no particular time of food and sleep making him an easy victim of lifestyle disease.

Irrelevant food timings: We all have a fixed Insulin cycle that triggers hunger on time, that manages supplied food to cells for further processing, that builds / repairs body, that maintains haemostasis. Most young adults don't even come close to eating with the natural cycle of insulin, they eat when insulin is low and sleep / work when it’s at peak. This makes our body respond to extreme imbalance of energy hence we have disturbed metabolism resulting to lifestyle disease.

Lack of Physical activity: The worst invention of men was chair as it made possible all sitting jobs. Our body is supposed to move, wander, hunt, even today when food is served on plates. Lack of exercise shuts down the cells sensitivity to insulin and the other biochemical by-products related to exercise are not released leading to diabetes and other complications.

The habits that Rahul followed aren't very unusual for most of us too. We all are caught up in a similar routine. From housewives and kids to college and office goers, everyone has a similar lifestyle. Result- such lifestyle diseases which were once prevalent in America and Europe have now encroached India also.

“Type 2 Diabetes in Young adults” has hit a global rise with more number of cases in developing countries like India, in last one generation (30 years 1985-2015). The global load of diabetics has become 415 million from 30 million. India is predicted to be 2nd diabetic capital of world by 2040 having a predicted load of 123.5 million.

What if you are one of those 123.5 million?
Majority of the diabetic patients are detected at a very late stage. In early cases of diabetes, there is a disturbance in our body’s internal environment without any symptom or sign. Such disturbance can lead to many complications later. Therefore, it is very important to take regular sugar level examination. For those over 40, routine sugar testing at 3 months interval is highly recommended.

What can be done?

Maintain proper sleep/food pattern - Have a filling breakfast, proper lunch and an early light dinner. The best time to sleep is between 10 pm to 7 am, keep your sleeping hours in this limit.

Eat right not just healthy - Junk food is the major cause of all lifestyle diseases. Avoid junk and low-quality oils to remain healthy.

Keep an active routine - Move and exercise 5 times a week for minimum 20 min a day.

Get yourself checked frequently - Take regular diabetic screening tests after 25 years of age.

If any parameter is derailed, don’t ignore - Consult your doctor and follow your medications.

For those with sedentary lifestyle - Take frequent small 10 min breaks from the desk.

Rahul’s story is alarming; anyone of us can be a victim of Diabetes. It’s high time that we all realize our unhealthy habits and take up healthy ones. The best way is to eat right, sleep right and work right along with routine monitoring of blood sugar levels.

In his next article, Dr. Tiwary writes about running as our natural instinct. Stay tuned to know more!

Dr. Vinay Tiwary, the director of Tiwary Clinical Labs, is a doctor by profession and a runner by passion. Having completed his MBBS and MD from prestigious institutions, he did a Post graduate diploma in Diabetology & Diabetic Educatorship to upskill people’s knowledge of diabetes. Dr. Tiwary believes that running is a natural instinct of human. “Running is easy and pleasing, when we are happy we run towards our loved ones. Its in our instinct.”, he says. He is also the founder of LetsRun, a unique community of runners in Raipur.

Connect to your local hero Vinay@ dr.vinay@tclonline.in
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S Majumder   |   15, Mar 2018

What workout do you suggest sir for an elderly diabetic of 67 yrs age with provokable ischemia (+++) like me ?

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Great article. Deep insight.