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Think Before You Use That Kajal Pencil Again

Applying kajal or kohl in the eyes could be harmful. Recent studies have shown that prolonged use of kajal can lead to various eye diseases including conjunctivitis,allergy, toxicity, dry eye, glaucoma and corneal ulcer which could lead to blindness. 

We speak to Dr. V.K Malik about the use of kajal and how it can prove harmful to your eyes.  He tells us that Kajal is one of the most harmful cosmetics and its use should be avoided altogether. 

Why Kajal Should not be used?

1. The fingers with which you apply the kajal can cause allergic reaction in the eyes. Long nails can be extremely harmful

2. The kajal pencil can damage your cornea.

3. The kajal may cause allergic reaction.

4. The particles of kajal may go and block the passage of tear duct, hampering the drainage of tears.

5. The dust that gets stick to the kajal can cause prolonged damage to the eyes

What are the myths associated to use to kajal?

1. It can enhance the size of your eyes

2. It safeguards the eyes against infections

3. If applied in the eye it improves the eye sight

There are various other myths related to kajal such as it protects infants from evil eye. None of these myths are true. Traditionally, kajal was prepared from soot by burning oil, which was mixed with a dissolvent to prepare kajal. The commercial kajal is produced by mixing a plethora of chemicals and studies have revealed that they can contain high level of lead. The regular use of kajal can also lead to accumulation of lead in the body. 

What are the symptoms of infection caused due to kajal?

The symptoms of infection which can appeal after prolonged use of kajal or just after single usage of kajal are a sudden onset. They include:

1. Watery discharge from the eye.

2. Redness.

3. Eye itching.

4. Burning sensation and pain.

A doctor should be consulted immediately if you experience such symptoms. Other cosmetics for eye beautification including mascara and eyeliner should also be used sparingly and with caution. Expired and old eye cosmetics can prove extremely harmful.

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