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A Health Guide To Diabetic Mothers

Pregnancy is a state of habitual and long duration low grade inflammation. The biological response of the body tissues to pregnancy is similar to that in response to an injury or pathogen. This is associated with increased circulating levels of inflammatory chemical mediators called C reactive proteins and interleukins. Both these factors enhance insulin resistance and lead to Diabetes.

The sugar intolerance can vary in nature. It can either be pre-existing or first onset during pregnancy. The presence of diabetes in a pregnant woman can lead to adverse pregnancy outcomes like abortion, pre-term labor, maternal distress, congenital malformations of the baby and increased chances of operative delivery.

The ideal mark should be to achieve a long-term tight control of blood sugar levels before pregnancy. High blood glucose can harm your baby during the first weeks of pregnancy, even before you know you are pregnant. Plan to manage your blood glucose before you get pregnant.Here’s what you should do:

- Any diabetic woman planning to conceive should first seek a joint consultation from a diabetologist, gynecologist and dietician.

- After the conception too, A diabetic mother should remain under regular doctor’s supervision. Health check-ups should be taken monthly intervals up-to 5 months of pregnancy and fortnightly thereafter.

An appropriate and planned diet aids diabetes medication and insulin therapy. A three-meal plan with breakfast at 25% of the total calorie intake, lunch

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