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You’re Probably Sleeping On This Hidden Source Of Infection Daily

Nothing is better than lousing on a comfy bed in your air conditioned room when it’s sunny outside. But what if someone tells you your bed is a health hazard for you? Well yes, that’s quite possible. Many recent studies point out that more than 35% people don’t change their sheets fairly often. Majority of the population strip the bed once in 10-12 days.

According to microbiologists and other experts everyday objects like bed sheets, towels, pillows and phones can be filthy and teeming with bacteria and germs. Your daily linen may collect millions of germs from the environment, crumbs and other food particles that rub into the bed. Moreover, your body sheds millions of dead skin cells day and night. Possibly these cells stick to your bedding that attracts bacteria, viruses and mites. Be it pollens getting in from that open window pane or dust mites accumulating on your sheets, these invisible contaminants may lead to allergic rhinitis, trigger asthma and cause skin reactions. Fabric care experts also say that during sleep, we continue to perspire; body oils, toxins and dead cells are released. It is possible to find saliva, urine, genital fluids, and fecal matter in the fine linen fibers.

Don’t give these germs enough time to build up. As a general rule, it is best to change your sheets and pillows once in a week. Follow a simple hygiene rule with these tips:

- Wash your pillow covers weekly and keep your pillows fresh by airing them in mild sunlight.

- Separate your bed sheets and towels from the rest of your laundry, and launder them on low setting in your washing machine.

- Always turn your bed sheets and pillow inside out before placing in the machine.

- Air-dry your sheets and don’t devoid them of the natural anti-bacterial action of sunlight.

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How long a pillow can be used? I mean how many years should one continue using the same pillow without having a risk of bacterial infection!?