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A Breath Of Fresh Air

Studies clearly show that spending time in nature reduces stress levels, so why not simply bring nature indoors?

Here are natural ways to bring the benefits of the outdoors inside, in a cost effective way. Try these fantastic house plants for improved indoor health.

Aloe Vera

For ages, Aloe Vera has been used as a herbal medicine. Did you know that this fantastic plant also has air-purifying properties? Use it for its superior ability to improve quality of air with fresh oxygen. It Aloe works much like the Snake Plant – it emits oxygen at night, making for a more restful slumber. Easy to plant, water and maintain- it tolerates environmental stress and ‘neglect’ quite well. Keep it in your living room, bedrooms and gift a plant for calm life to your friends. Don’t forget to keep it on your bedroom window as it does need a lot of direct sunlight.

Snake Plant

Snake plant has been proven to be extremely effective in treating headaches, eye irritation, and respiratory problems. It also helps to increase your overall energy levels. This plant also emits oxygen at night time whilst simultaneously taking in carbon dioxide. All this leads to a purer quality of air and a better night’s sleep. Moreover, it filters common household toxins and fights nasty air pollutants. The Snake Plant is a hardy and easy to care-for plant, always a plus!

Spider plant

In the late '80s, NASA studied houseplants as a way to purify the air in space facilities. They found several plants that filter out common toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The results concluded that spider plants do a spectacular job of cleaning the air. The spider plant is an amazing natural air purifier, with the ability to remove harmful formaldehyde from the air.

Lavender Plant

Who doesn’t love the scent of lavender? Lavender essential oils are very popular as stress and anxiety relievers. While there are a host of lavender scented products on the market to help you get a full night’s rest why not go for the most natural and cost effective option – a beautiful lavender plant placed near your bed. Lavender helps reduce anxiety and stress, slow heart rate and improve sleep.

Peace Lily

Peace lily is your superstar plant if you love flowers. Not just pleasing to the eye, the Peace Lily is another of NASA’s indoor wizard, helping to filter out harmful benzene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde toxins. The moisture given off by these striking flowers can boost a room’s humidity by up to 5%.

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Bhuneshwar   |   10, Feb 2018

Bhuneshwar sahu