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Know Your Lemons, They Are A Lesson On Breast Cancer

Is that the normal tissue or a lump? Does that bump mean anything? Should I be worried about the abnormal discharge? Should I go to a doctor?

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade?? No, now take a lesson on Breast Cancer.
We’ve all attended, read and seen countless lesson on Breast self exam but when it comes to interpreting the feel of a breast it’s rather difficult to tell how the disease may look and feel like. This image of 12 lemons fashioned on a egg carton has taken the internet by storm.

The image was originally created by Courrine Beaumont, a young designer, for the Worldwide Breast Cancer website under their “Know your Lemons campaign”. The image is a visual depiction of how Breast Cancer looks, feels and is found.

Majority of women know that an unusual lump is a red flag. The picture is a friendly reminder that lumps are not the only sign of Breast Cancer. There are other 11 symptoms one must be aware of. They are:

  • a thick mass
  • an indentation
  • skin erosion
  • redness or heat
  • new fluid/ discharge from the nipple
  • dimpling
  • a bump
  • a growing vein
  • an inverted nipple
  • a change in size or shape
  • skin that looks like orange peel
  • an invisible lump under the skin

The best time to check is a few days after your periods and every 3 months after menopause. Though most Breast Cancers will present as a hard lump, it may be associated with indrawing of the nipple. As the disease advances locally, there may be skin involvement with an appearance of an orange peel, known as peau d’ orange nipple.

The Worldwide Breast Cancer, a charity foundation for Breast Cancer, also tells you what to feel for in a self examination. Interestingly, lymph nodes feel like soft beans, milk lobes like soft peas and a cancerous lump is often hard and immovable and feels like a lemon seed.

Use your lemon-aid and fight Breast Cancer starting with you and your friends!

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