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Micro Greens Are Packed With Meganutrients

These tiny superfoods pack a lot of flavor and nutrients well above their weight. The Lilliputian Micro greens are exactly the thing on your plate for a longer and healthier life!

What are Micro Greens?

Micro greens are baby green vegetables that are harvested less than 14 days after germinations. These edible vegetables are usually just 1-3 inches long with a strong and condensed taste of the original vegetable. Coming in a rainbow of colors, they have always been the favorite for chefs who use them in salad and garnishes. Of late, they have become popular among the nutritionists who swear by the nutritional qualities of these tiny veggies. Mustard cress, basil, spinach, radish greens and coriander can all be consumed as Micro Greens.

Health benefits of Micro greens

Micro greens are more nutritious than mature leaves : Studies suggest that Micro greens pack dense nutrients with higher antioxidant properties and a higher concentration of health promoting phenol compounds.

Free from chemicals : Micro greens are exactly the organic vegetables you’re looking for! Micro greens spend a very little time in the soil. Therefore, they are less exposed to pesticides and herbicides used in farming. Moreover, home-grown Micro greens are not exposed to as many pollutants as commercially grown varieties.

Micro Greens are better than sprouts : Sprouts take in nutrients from the water they are soaked in. On the other hand, Micro greens absorb mineral and nutrients from the earth. This definitely makes Micro greens more nutrient dense.

Good source of vitamins : All Micro greens have four to six times more nutrients than the mature leaves of the same plant. Of these, Vitamin C, E and K are particularly abundant in these young green veggies.

Laden with Antioxidants : Antioxidants are compounds that delay aging by repairing cell damage in our body. The young cotyledon leaves of Micro greens are a fabulous source of antioxidants.

How to grow Micro greens
1. To grow a batch of Micro greens fill a seedling tray with vermiculite or potting mix soil.
2. Lay a 2-3 cm deep layer of the soil and moisten it.
3. Soak the seeds overnight and sprinkle them evenly on top of the mix.
4. Wrap it with another 0.5 of soil over the seeds. Put this tray in sunlight or in a well lit indoor area.
5. Cover the tray with a lid until the seeds sprout. Water often with a sprayer or gentle hand splashes.
6. Your Micro geens are ready when they have produced their first set of leaves. This usually takes around 12-14 days. Cut the shoots just above roots. Many types will regrow and can be cut several times.

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