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Enjoy A Binge-Free Diwali With These Easy Tips

Everything for the grand-festival of lights is just ready, from cleaning the corners of the house to sprucing up a decorative look and shopping for the fancy items. Now, its time to indulge in the best part- sweets and firecrackers. But Diwali and health don't make compatible bedfellows, with all the love for the festive indulgence comes many health risks. These could be anything from leaving your diet plan by the wayside to serious injuries and respiratory problems. Register these few important tips to enjoy a happy and safe Diwali.

Safety during fireworks

Fireworks undoubtedly are a lot of fun and the colorful dazzling display that lights up the night sky is one of the best things about the festival. But all this comes with a regrettable risk of eye injuries and infections during the Diwali season. - Maintain a safe distance while lighting and watching fireworks.

- Use a lengthy lighting stick to ensure safety.

- In the event of a particle inside your eyes, do not rub it. Wash your eyes with clean water for 5 minutes. Rubbing will scratch your eyeballs to cause further damage to your eyes, a condition known as corneal abrasion.

Safety before style

To avoid accidents choose the right clothes to put on. As much as your dress be glamorous and stylish, it should be safe.

- Steer clear of rich fabrics such as silk, satin and flowy silhouettes during the festival.

- Inflammable fabrics like nylon, terrycot and other synthetics should also be avoided.

- Long flowy kurta sand skirts might be in trend this season, but say no to loose fitting attire while around the fireworks. Watch out for your dupatta and sarees.

The mithai and chakli affair

Diwali is also synonymous with sweets. The endless family get togethers and parties make us eat our hearts out only cringe later.

- Opt for a healthier option with natural sweeteners and loads of dry fruits.

- Packed items contain trans-fat which can take a heavy toll on your health. Make your sweets at home and you can use your favorite organic ingredients.

- To cut down on fat, bake your savories instead of frying them.

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