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Cysteine Treatment- A Revolution In Hair Treatments

People were really bored of the similar hair texture treatments like straightening and smoothening which are available in market for more than 2 decades. Cysteine Treatment is a revolution in hair fashion industry and is breaking all the records with it’s amazing lasting results.

- What is Cysteine ?
Hair is made up of 19 kind of amino acids (proteins) collectively called Keratin. Cysteine is a sulphur-containing amino acid which helps hair to make bonds with other amino acids. It’s a white solid that is slightly soluble in water. It’s an essential protein for the hair.

- Why our hair needs Cysteine?
The environment is polluted with dust and excessive heat and your hair with chemicals. This causes the natural protein content of your hair to decrease making it frizzy, unmanageable, brittle, dry, and damaged. Cysteine as a protein helps the hair to rejuvenate, making it look smoother visually and also treats the damaged ones internally. It fulfills the deficiency of proteins in hair.

- What does Cytseine actually do?
Cysteine Complex works in synergy with hair’s existing proteins to restructure, soften and release curls from hair. Unlike straightening it does not make the hair straight. It makes them smooth, frizz free, manageable without changing the texture drastically. The natural waves prevail after this treatment giving a nice natural flow to your hair.

- What are the ingredients in this product?
The main ingredients of this product are :

1. Cysteine : Fills the deficiency of proteins in hair strands.
2. Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein : Strengthens and moisturizes hair.
3. Dendrobium Orchid : Absorbs and eradicates free radicals that can be Harmful for hair.
4. Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein : Adds a shiny layer.

Cysteine is 100% Formaldehyde free (a cancer causing agent) unlike Keratin treatments which contains FormalDehyde.

- Straightening Vs Cysteine ?
Straightening or cysteine is a personal call. Want a complete straight look? Go for straightening. For a natural texture, stick to cysteine.
1. Unlike Straightening, cysteine doesn’t break the natural bonds of hair thus works without damaging the hair.
2. Straightening changes the complete shape of the hair, while Cystiene makes hair 30-40% smoother and softens the curls.
3. Cysteine is completely a care product, which helps hair in repairing the flaws in it, while straightening damages the cortex layer to make it straight. There are no harmful effects of cysteine.
4. There’s no demarcation line formed after the new growth of hair in cysteine. Cysteine treatment is also known as Permanent Spa.

Daksh Dubey is an expert Hairstylist with a passion for styling and haircare. He is the Expert Backstage Stylist at Lakme Fashion Weeks and works as a independent stylist in Raipur. Hair for him is a canvas and his work an artistic creation.
Connect to your hero Daksh Dubey at dakshhairguru@gmail.com

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