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Unhealthy Eating Habits Of Your Toddler Can Lead To Lifestyle Disorders

How many times has this happened to you? Your 2-year-old toddler making you run around the house to have him sit on the dinner table; or starting to cry because the plate isn’t mickey mouse shaped.

Very frequently, parents come to me distressed and disturbed with the poor eating habits of their children. These are mostly concerned moms who are willing to do anything under the sun to have her child take to proper eating. From making smileys on the bread and getting a princess dining chair to switching on kid’s favorite cartoon, thousands of moms are struggling with mealtime tantrums of their kids. Truth be told, a child will never starve to death. If your child is hungry, he’ll eat tears or no tears. The concern, though genuine, can frequently lead to very harmful eating habits and chronic illnesses in children.

Parents think that it is a cool idea to distract your child and trick him into eating. And the distracting eating works almost every time. However, better not let your kid pick up this habit. The odds of lifetime obesity is greater for children who watch TV at lunch or dinner. The brain of a child is just beginning to develop and requires proper conditioning. Television interferes with the natural cues brain releases, often causing children to under eat or overeat. Such kids may have delayed language development and altered behavioral patterns. As young people, these kids are more inclined to binge eating and consuming more of refined fats and sugars, all of which do not count in healthy eating.

The lifestyle diseases epidemics, like obesity, diabetes and hypertension, are rooted in these unhealthy eating habits. Many parents also substitute healthy home-cooked food with more refined junk food to make an attractive meal for their children. As much as you care for your little one’s health, you should not model such habits and behavior at an early age.

When you are feeding your child, you are prepping his palate for the rest of his life. Dietary habits are hard to change later in life. The best way is to encourage your child to eat as a family at the dinner table and promote slow eating with complete attention.

Dr. Sanwar Agrawal is the Director of Ekta Institute of Child Health and a renowned pediatrician of the city. After completing his post graduation from PGIMER Chandigarh, one of the best institutions in the country, he contributed remarkably in the field of health. Dr. Sanwar travels across the
Connect to your hero Dr. Sanwar at drsanwar50@gmail.com

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Manish   |   27, Sep 2016

Very well written article Sir. The habits you mentioned is so common and it makes sense what it can lead to. It would be great if you can share your thoughts on increasing cellphone usage by kids.

Dr arun kedia   |   26, Sep 2016

Well said sir. U have indeed put the real truth in a wonderful way.