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Nurture A Healthy Mother For A Healthy Baby

A healthy mom is a happy family!

'Please put on your own oxygen masks first before assisting others.' Announces an air hostess. It then struck me to imply this in our daily lives. When our oxygen levels start depleting (as a mother), people dependant on us will gasp for breathe too. Thus, devoting time to self is not being selfish or narcissist, it's healthy!

When a woman enters pregnancy stage, she starts "eating for two", she is "loved & cared for two", but the moment she holds her little shadow In her hands, she scrapes off her own needs and caters only to the needs of her baby.

Stating an excerpt from my own experience-

'After a bittersweet journey of 9 months, holding my baby in my arms made me feel complete. He was a perfect sketch of my dreams. Everything seemed perfect till I entered the 'baby blues' phase. Had heard stories about it from new mommies around, 'how worse could it be, was my thought. Considered it as a passing phase till I realized that it just not passing by! As a full time mom, my sleep cycles, my beauty regime and my exercise days had all gone for a toss. My little one was growing but so was I. The baby bump which still looked so obvious provoked thoughts like, "will I have to take a rebirth to achieve a flat tummy or even to get back to what I was?, "what if I have to live with it forever? ", "or maybe there's another one still growing inside?" (Those darn celebrity moms make it look effortless but dropping post delivery pounds is a challenging job). Feelings of anxiety, helplessness and weakness sank in.

I yearned for my husband to empathize with me. And though there was a gaze of understanding and immense love from his side. But at times they don't seem to get it, do they?

My body longed for its regular dose of vitamins, for an adrenaline rush from exercise, or maybe a mental boost of meditation. While we are doing our job as a Mommy, we are avoiding the most important person in the process- Ourselves! We seldom get time to visit our gynecologist, go for a health check up, or even something as petty as a visit to the salon. It's a silent war happening inside us between "a responsible mother" & "a passionate woman". I kept turning a deaf ear to it, until one fine day - I decided to listen!

I started fuelling myself with the required nourishments, and my energy levels soared and I became an elated mom from an always exhausted one. I started taking care of myself from all aspects and finally the mirror started to befriend me.

I realized that most of us are trying hard to follow the imaginary rules of motherhood and ignoring the small victories in the process. Problem persists only when we live the life of a new Mommy throughout our baby's "infant-toddler-schoolgoer" phase. So let's take a pledge and become a healthy role model. Let's Grow well with our growing child.

Priya Agrawal is a full time mom and believes it is the highest paid job, since the payment is pure love. Her inspiration is the support and encouragement of her loving family and her baby who helped her unleash a different meaning of life.
Connect to your hero Priya Agrawal at gemini.priya@gmail.com

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Guest   |   13, Sep 2016

Beautifully written! ??

Usha Tibrewal   |   12, Sep 2016

Excellent Priya. Infact I always quote the same thing to whoever I meet. ????

Ankita goel   |   12, Sep 2016

Very well written bhabhi. A must read. Its actually a part of all the girls. After reading this one will truly get inspired. I've definitely got inspired.

Esha Goel   |   11, Sep 2016

Very well written...superb thought.... Keep up the spirit

Esha Goel   |   11, Sep 2016

Very well written...superb thought.... Keep up the spirit

Guest   |   11, Sep 2016

Thanks a lot everyone for these encouraging words of appreciation. A special thank u to the health potli team for giving me this platform to pen down my thoughts. This article is just to convey that Motherhood "rocks" ..let's not make it "rocky"!!

Shikha Choudhary   |   11, Sep 2016

Hi Priya.. Lovely thoughts.. Well conceived..

Sangeeta Agarwal   |   11, Sep 2016

Hey Priya it's lovely to see u sharing ur motherhood phase so positively . Will hope I'll also do the same as dn't bound myself with those restrictions of motherhood ??.

anisha kalash   |   11, Sep 2016

...well expressed,,, well written,,, loved reading it,,, n am sure all moms can really relate themselves somewhere n somehow with each word you wrote,,,,a must read????

kanika   |   11, Sep 2016

So sweet Priya superb ????

Rishika Agrawal   |   11, Sep 2016

Must read for all the mothers and their families. Very well said!

Guest   |   11, Sep 2016

Well written. True !! A happy n healthy mom results in happy n healthy child . Children learn more from what they see n not from what we teach them. Kudos healthpotli for having such bright young writers in your team!!