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Try These Quick Yogasanas To Head Start Your Day

It is the year 2016! Cars are becoming autonomous; factories are becoming automatic, modestly priced smart phones today pack in more features than a full blown desktop ten years ago. In a time when science and technology is constantly challenging preconceived notions about everything around us, there are a few powerful survivors, ones which have not only which have found practical application in human life but also have been validated by science. Once lost due to lifestyle changes in the 80s and 90s, the ancient yogic science and practices has revived as a celebration today. We celebrate it in our daily lives, special events and marked days.

The science of Yoga is 5000 years old and yet it continues to be a focal point of millions of people around the globe. So what’s it about Yoga that one - ups other fitness activities? Yoga not only enhances your physical attributes like strength, flexibility and balance but also nurtures your mind and soul.

We all know that yoga is good for health and how the practice of Yoga manifests in the beautiful physical form. But it’s known to only a few that Yoga is more than just beautifying your physical form. There are three layers of our existence that transcend through a practice of Yoga. When practiced in the right way, after gracing your body, it enlightens your mind. Yogic science points out that the breath exercises in Pranayama are the only way to control your mind. Once a person attains the adornment of mind, yogic practice resonates with the soul. It transforms us from within to experience dhyana.

Medical science is just 200 years old, and yet we trust the wisdom of it. The 5000 year old yogic practice has a stronger foundation with scientific wisdom of many great practitioners and rishi-munis. The healing ways of Yoga is based on the belief that our body functions as one unit. A pain in leg might have a root in the chest, or a pathology in the gut may manifest as pain in shoulder. With a holistic and comprehensive approach, Yoga heals the body from within as a single unit. This approach was brought forth by our rishis, long before the medical science was born.

Here are some quick asanas you can practice on the go for a healthier living:

Laghu Shankhprakshalan (cleaning of our digestive system)

Procedure : This Yoga is supposed to be done the first thing after waking up. Drink two glasses of lukewarm water followed by these five asanas ten times each:

Tadasana , Triyak Tadasan , Kati- Chakrasan , Tiryak Bhujang asana , Udra Karshana asana

Benefits : The asanas facilitate the passage of water through our food pipe to the intestines. This flushes out all the toxins and the undigested food which would otherwise stay in the system for days. It is a solution to constipation.

Kunjal ( Cleaning of upper digestive system) :

Procedure : Add two teaspoons of salt per liter water and drink 2-3 such glasses of water very quickly. Next step is to vomit out the entire water. Insert two fingers at the base of your tongue and throw out the water.

Benefits : This kriya cleans the digestive system and alleviates sore throat, cough, acidity and other gastric problems.

Jal neti :

Preparation : Special type of utensil popularly known as neti lota, luke warm water and 1 tablespoon salt for every half liter water. Stir salt in water and fill in the neti lota.

Procedure : Tilt your head on one side. Use the lota to take in water from one nostril. Keep your mouth open to facilitate breathing from the mouth. The water will come out from the other nostril naturally along with impure contents.

Benefits : This procedure is a Yogic therapy for sinusitis, poor vision, epilepsy, lethargy and headache.

Suryanamskar :

Background : Suryanamaskar is a series of 12 Yogasanas. Each asana corresponds to one zodiac sign and is lead by one mantra dedicated to the Sun God.

Procedure : Follow the 12 asanas as shown. Keep your focus on breathing and make sure to end with two minutes of Shavasana to normalize your heartbeat.

Following Suryanamaskar, do Prayanama and sit in meditation for five minutes.

Benefits : It is a comprehensive exercise which involves all major muscle groups. It enhances blood circulation, digestion and body toning. Suryanamaskar and Pranayama are recommended as a complete exercise for a normally healthy person.

Ganesh Narayan Bhangla is a Yoga expert practicing his skills in Yoga for the past 30 years. After his retirement from the position of bank officer, he is offering selfless Yoga teachings to hundreds of students. For the past five years he is taking free-of-cost Yoga classes in Gandhi Udyan. He believes that he is just the messenger of his Guru- Swami Niranjanji, who is directing him through this selfless work.
Connect to your hero Ganesh at care@healthpotli.com

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Rahul agrawal   |   21, Jun 2016

Thank you to Shri Bhangla ji for sharing a piece of his vast knowledge in Yoga. He is a manifest of selfless service to the society. Has been helping People for past so many years to achieve a healthy and balanced life.