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Granny Says It Right!

Did you know that most of your Grandma’s Gharelu Nuskhes are backed by Science and Logic?

India is a land of traditions and beliefs. Some of these traditions are easy to understand while we regard others as baseless and superstitious. Due to our present scientific understanding and judgments we tend to question many age-old practices. However, most of the beliefs were based on the scientific observation by wise yogis and rishis of ancient India. The time-honoured yogic science certainly had an excellent understanding of human body and its functioning. Knowledge-based legends were created by these intelligent yogis to make people understand scientific things in an easy way. Its time that we realize the wisdom of these practices and turn back to them to make ourselves healthier.

Here’s a logical explanation to some health related ‘superstitions’

- Don’t Position Your Head In The North While Sleeping - The Earth has a magnetic field with a positive pole in the North and a negative pole in South. Similarly, human body has its own magnetic field with positive pole in the North and negative pole in South. When we face North while sleeping, the North poles of Earth and our body repel. Since the Earth’s magnetic force is higher, we always lose. The cells in our body breakdown and we wake up with a heaviness. In the long term, this leads to blood pressure and cardiovascular problems. When we face in the southern direction, there is mutual attraction and we wake up fit and fresh.
- Don’t Take A Bath Just After Having Meals - While bathing, your body cools down due to evaporation of water from the skin surface. To compensate this, the blood flow to the skin of hands and legs increases. Now, in the process of digestion the blood flow to the gut and brain has to increase. Thus, if you bathe after a meal the amount of blood in the gut will decrease. This is potentially harmful as it will weaken your digestion.
- Swallow Tulsi Leaves, Never Chew Them - According to Hindu folklore, Tulsi is the wife of Lord Vishnu, hence chewing Tulsi leaves is disrespectful. No doubt that Tulsi leaves have innumerous health benefits, but chewing them is indeed harmful. Basil leaves contains trace amounts of arsenic which can lead to degradation and yellowing of your teeth enamel if chewed.
- Greet With A Namaskar - When the palms are joined in the gesture of Namaskar, the tips of all the fingers also join. Finger tips are the denoted as pressure points of eyes, ears and mind. Pressing those means we become attentive to the person and can remember them for a longer time. Also, there is no transmission of germs as we don’t make a physical contact while greeting the person.
- Have Curd And Sugar Before Heading Out For A Task - The digestive and cooling properties of curd combined with instant glucose from sugar, makes us more energetic to gear up for a task. When we are more energetic, good luck and positivity follow naturally.

Long before other systems of medicine came into existence, our Indian Vedas and yogis knew it all. Some Indian practices are valuable and far ahead of the existing medical technology. These are well explained in old literatures and have stood the test of time. Trusting the wisdom of elderly can lead to a healthier life!

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Kanika   |   20, Jun 2016

Thank u so much health potli people .Soooo beautifully u have given the information regarding many things like we should prevent - why not to chew tulsi leaves ,not bathing after meal ,namaskar one and many more all that I love the way u all explained everything.Really AUSUM

HealthPotli   |   20, Jun 2016

Dear Pranay, thanks for the feedback. It is indeed gratifying to know that you liked the article. As per the formatting is concerned, my apologies to not have taken better care of it.

Pranay Agrawal, Prakhar Agrawal   |   19, Jun 2016

The article is very informative and very interesting. It engrosses youngsters like us with a keen and sceptic eyes towards superstitious believes! Kudos to the HealthPotli team. However, there are some things that can be improved. I guess while uploading the article there were some formatting issues because of which the pointers are not placed properly. This adds up to the lengthy look of it.