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Helmets Protect The Most Delicate Parts Of Your Body

It’s been two months that her dad passed away. These two months and almost a year before that had been a very difficult time for Komal and her family. Her father was suffering from a fatal form of skin cancer before finally succumbing to it. It was just Komal, her brother and her mom now. To fulfill the dreams of his dad, who was also a doctor, Komal’s brother Karan had also taken admission into a medical college.

One night when Komal was just trying to sleep with the beautiful memories of her dad, she gets a call. She is unable to identify the voice but the person on the other end sounds frightened. This person tells Komal that he is Karan’s friend and informs her that Karan had just had an accident on his bike. Trying to process the shocking news Komal takes down the details of her brother’s location and hangs up. Immediately, she informs her mom and uncle and they rushed to the hospital in Durg where Karan is admitted to. On reaching the hospital the family gets to know that Karan has sustained many head injuries and his life is in danger. Extensive critical care, life- saving ventilation, tiring surgeries and multiple therapies! After one week of battle, he loses it. Losing Karan to death was the worst thing that could happen to Komal’s family after her father’s death just two months ago. Her family was left in agony and misery forever.

This incident is not a fictional tale, it’s a true story from our own city. Karan was a Gen-X guy. He loved biking, speed and style. When his friend got a new fancy bike (but apparently forgot to buy a helmet with it) the friends’ gang planned of a long bike ride. On their way back, they lost control and crashed into a tree. His friend who was driving and Karan as his pillion rider both lost their lives to head injuries and extensive bleeding.

The brain is the most crucial and delicate part of our body. Being the most important, nature has given it the best protection with our scalp, skull bone and other coverings around the brain. Nature has done its part but have you? Do you give additional protection to your head when riding your bike or scooter? We all want the best of bikes and scooters but why do we hesitate to invest in a good helmet for our own protection?

During the year 2011, a total of 4.43 lac road traffic accidents were reported in India. Helmets are the most important consideration in safety because brain injury is the most prevalent cause of motorcycle fatalities. Wearing helmets reduces the risk of death by almost 40% and the risk of severe injury by over 90%.

The danger of not using a helmet has been recognized by governments all over the world. It is for some good reason that traffic laws insist on the use of helmets. It is to safeguard your health that such rules are made. In a similar move Raipur police has recently imposed the ‘no helmet- no petrol’ rule in the city. Prevention is always better than cure. Choosing not to wear them just because of some discomfort or looks or hassle of carrying it is an ignorant and irresponsible decision that most people make. The benefits of using a helmet far outweigh the little hassle that comes with it. With helmets we secure ourselves and our families.

How to choose the right helmet for yourself?

Your responsibility doesn’t end at realizing the importance of helmets. Choosing and buying the best one for you is more important. Look for these parameters to get the best safety with helmets:

- The material - Never buy a cheap poor quality helmet. The outer-most layer of the helmet, is made of fiber-reinforced composites, which will allow the material to contract during a hard impact. That will help lessen the blow of the force before it reaches your head. Make sure that the material is good and the helmet is government certified.

- Never go for plastic - A helmet made of plastic can have an adverse effect. In can break down into pieces during a crash and penetrate your head to cause more severe brain injury.

- Choose your comfort - Your helmet should be lightweight so that you can drive comfortably.

- Never compromise on size - The comfort padding of the helmet should snuggly fit to your head. A wrong sized helmet is equivalent to no helmet.

-Chain Strap - Ensure that your helmet has a chain strap so that it stays on your head in case of an accident.

The fractures we suffer or other wounds we sustain can be healed with time, the brain cannot. It is very delicate and it needs the same delicate care. Komal feels that her brother might have at least survived had he been wearing helmet. That feeling of regret comes with helplessness to her. It’s late for her. But it’s the right time for us. The pain of developing a good habit now is better than the pain of regret later.

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