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Tobacco - Obstruction To Manifest Human's Full Potential

Tobacco consumption, once a rare thing has become very common, and is now extensively used in all walks of life. The physiological damage caused by tobacco is well known, and it includes respiratory, heart and blood disorders. But does it affect our Inner Being too? Many theories answer this in an affirmative way with regard to the inner dependency brought about by smoking. The knowledge of this gives us an opportunity as well as motivation to free ourselves from addiction.

The ‘Internal High’ that smokers seek from smoking, not only affects our body but it also touches the spirit. It’s a surprise that material thing affects non-material spirits. Ancient sources say that spirits are pure and unmutable and they can’t be directly influenced. There has to be CONNECTING ELEMENT. This element is BLOOD, more precisely the RADIATIONS of blood which form a resonating bridge between body and the soul. Since blood radiation depends on composition of blood, any change in its composition affects the condition of spirit as well. For example, a drop in blood sugar level gives a feeling of uneasiness, vitamin B12 deficiency leads to a state of anxiety, lead triggers a feeling of depression, etc.

It is therefore easy to understand how nicotine changes blood composition and affects the smoker’s soul. Does this mean that we are vulnerable to all external influences reaching to us through our blood radiations? No, our spirits are also very powerful. It tries to protect itself from external influences from With In us. Only when the influences are too penetrating, we suffer the harmful effects of it.

There are two ways of restoring inner composure, first, the act of will, which follows an impulse of spirit to secrete good hormones. Second is consumption of tobacco, which brings a similar induced state externally. People resort to it as it is a shortcut as compared to the action of will power.

It is hormones which balances the inner state. It can either be done artificially through external substance or through will power of Being. External substance like nicotine and others do permanent harm to physical system as well as to nervous. Meditation whereas makes the system smooth and natural. Inner Being in its natural response secretes hormones for natural response to stress and system becomes manifestation of the innate potential of spirit.

To do something of own will, to achieve certain goals we need personal efforts. Self exertion is certainly beneficial to development of the spirit and unfolding its innate abilities. Inner Being unfolds by activating volition, just as muscles get stronger by doing exercise. Thus in a way, consumption of nicotine exhibits lack of will power and confidence. See the irony of it. The advertising industry portrays smoking as glamorous. It shows smokers as strong, confident and cool in a self controlled decisive manner. The truth is just the opposite. Tobacco has consequences for the spirit. Nicotine relaxes the body system blood radiance having a very serious spiritual consequence. Whereas, adopting a 30 minutes meditation route, creates a balance in our lives. It enhances our will power. Heartful meditation helps greatly in evolution of our subtle bodies which on the other hand further improves on radiation of blood. Thus reversal starts taking place; the physical system comes into its natural tendency. All hormonal secretions become more and more natural and our Being starts responding in the absence of an external stimulus like tobacco.

Meditation helps in creating a balance in our lives and HEARTFULNESS meditation is one of the ways, so simple and designed for being adopted by one and all without any restriction of caste, color, creed and sex. It is absolutely free of cost and can be tried by anyone who is willing to change and bring back equilibrium, balance and happiness in their lives. The proof of the pudding is in the eating and it is with experience only that one can know what effect it can produce in our day to day life. When I am balanced, my intuition and thinking capabilities improve and help me to decide what is wrong and what is right. Bad habits naturally drop off and inner peace and stability starts reining my entire Being. You can visit www.heartfulness.org to better understand this simple yet exquisite process of inner transformation.

Born on 21 st May, 1971 Dinesh Agrawal is the executive director of Godawari Power and Ispat Limited.An electronic and telecommunication engineer by qualification, he has combined his technical knowledge with entrepreneurial skills to take his enterprise to the zenith. He is known for his successful business and social work across the city. He is also a very keen environmentalist, who believes in the beauty and benefit of ‘Green belts’. Having taken a holistic approach to life and wellbeing, he practices meditation under the fountainhead of Sahaj Marg. Nurturing his soul by means of spiritual practice, he propagates these values to common people through meditation sessions and his writings.
Connect to your hero Dinesh at dinsahaj@gmail.com

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Akhilesh Singh   |   10, Oct 2017

Nice article... Please also share article for giving up on liquor also

Guest   |   31, May 2016

Very well written Dinesh bhaiya. A beautiful insight into choosing a wholesome way of living.Keep up the good work. Its a great initiative to spread awareness.

RIshi   |   31, May 2016

Very nicely penned down. And a insight to ones self. A step towards better health. best wishes